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HVAC Maintenance


EMC System Cleaning and Safety Inspection Maintenance Program

EMC's Maintenance Agreements

There are things in our homes and lives that we can take care of ourselves.  On the other hand, some jobs require an expert technician who knows what they are doing.  HVAC units should be well maintained. They are the comforts systems for our homes, and yearly maintenance can provide us with the reassurance of a properly functioning heater and air conditioner. 

Why Do HVAC Systems Need Maintenance?

Large home systems, such as HVAC, which encompasses heating and air conditioning, require a trained technician who is knowledgeable about your unit and has the experience and expertise to work on your heater and/or air conditioner correctly.  We want to ensure that your unit is working correctly; consistent maintenance is the key. All furnace and air conditioning units have their own set of factory recommendations and maintenance schedules. With so many parts coming together, diagnosing and fixing these systems can be difficult. Each component must work properly for the whole system to work and to be efficient. Regularly checking your HVAC in the spring and fall will bring to light any issues early on before they compound to bigger and more extensive ones. Knowledge of your system and its potential problems can help you save up when significant repairs might be necessary. 

Why A Planned Maintenance Agreement with EMC? 

EMC's service agreement includes two annual visits to ensure all HVAC systems are running smoothly before their hard-working seasons. Our fully trained and experienced technicians will visit in the spring to clean, inspect, and maintain your air conditioning system. We use a 25 point system check to ensure the functionality of your air conditioner. During the fall we will check your furnace with the same precision as your air conditioner. Because both systems work in conjunction with each other, all parts must be in proper working order. Preventative maintenance will help us discover any issues reducing the chance of system failure once extreme weather hits. When you sign up for a Maintenance Agreement with EMC, we will call to set up your next visit so you won't ever have to worry about remembering. Keep your home comfy all year long with the worry-free satisfaction of knowing things are running smoothly.  For more information on an ECM Preventative Maintenance Agreement for your HVAC call 913-829-0100 

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