Our experience spans the complete breadth of market sectors, from healthcare and hospitals, offices, commercial space, education and government, ground-up to modernization/expansion, and for both private and public sector facilities. 


Do you like the idea of a single point of responsibility for design and construction?

Do your priorities include flexibility, energy efficiency and low maintenance costs designed-in from the inception of your project?


Over 70% of our projects are Design/Build and we provide conceptual estimating on 75%. 

With licensed professional engineers, LEED personnel, NEBB certified professionals and BIM experience, EMC has the capability to successfully complete any type of design/build or design/assist project, from a small computer room to an energy efficiency school project or a multi-million dollar office complex. 


Our pre-construction services involve us early in the process from engineering and design detailing, to fabrication, construction and installation to assure a sound design that is energy efficient and cost-effective: 

  • Design review & constructability 

  • Equipment comparison  

  • Budgeting  

  • Estimating  

  • Scheduling input 

  • CAD/Line drawings 

  • BIM 

  • Life cycle analysis

  • Major equipment purchasing


What do construction managers, contractors and building owners get with Environmental Mechanical’s design-build capacity?

  1. Unparalleled design/build experience 

  2. Better budget control

  3. Clearly fixed responsibility and immediate responsiveness

  4. Quality designed-in, not inspected-in

  5. Faster, easier and lower cost maintenance and repair

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