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Lyric Opera Phase I, II, + III

Kansas City | MO


For this commercial tenant finish/remodel project in Kansas City, Missouri, Environmental Mechanical was part of the design/build team selected by McCown Gordon Construction that worked through three phases of the project over the course of several years. 

The new Opera Center complex near 18th and Charlotte in the east Crossroads Arts District consists of two buildings: a Production Arts building and an adjacent Administrative building with set rental / inventory storage.



This first phase of renovation to the existing building at 721 E 18th Street consisted of demolition and repairing or replacing all major equipment, in preparation of the final build out in phase II.


Environmental Mechanical demoed all existing roof top equipment and associated interior systems and replaced them with new RTUs and exhaust fans.



This phase consisted of approximately 31,000 square feet of owner upgrades to an existing building to make the space more suited to the needs of the Opera, in this case building of sets and backdrops for the stage. 


Environmental Mechanical demoed existing duct in selected areas and installed new ductwork and grilles to accommodate the new floor plan.  We also installed a new dust collection system in the wood shop area. 



This phase consists of a new 2 story, 26,100 square foot building adjacent to the  Production Center, at 1725 Holmes.  The 2nd floor is all office space, and Environmental Mechanical installed office space RTU’s with zone dampers.  The building features exposed spiral ductwork and the storage area is climate controlled, with heating and cooling.


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