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Independece Event Center

Independence | MO


City-owned, $60 million,182,100-square-foot, multipurpose ice hockey arena and events center.

  • The center has numerous support spaces such as offices, meeting room, concession stand and a community ice rink for use by the public as well as the anchor tenant the Independence Mavericks for team practices.

  • The HVAC system consists of:

-Four (4) 230 ton DX rooftop units that supply air to the main arena bowl through 80” diameter double wall insulated spiral duct work supported from the structural steel approx 80ft above the arena floor with drum louvers located on a 30 degree angle towards the seating area

-Return air from the bowl is accomplished by using  two 96 x 54 sheet metal ducts with 2” thick liner and perforated metal liner

-The community ice rink is supplied by a 75 ton DX rooftop unit mounted on the roof adjacent to the community ice rink and ducted above the ice rink floor 22ft using 36” double wall insulated spiral duct with drum louvers

-The above units are capable of supplying 44 degree discharge air temperatures during ice rink events

-In addition to these units we installed an additional 17 rooftop units, and 12 DX split systems to supply heating/cooling to the office areas, private suites, locker rooms, commissary and concourse areas.

  • Heating system consists of two boilers that supply hot water in a closed loop system to 30 VAV boxes located throughout the office, locker room and commissary areas as well as supplying hot water for under the ice rink floors to aid in melting of the ice and keeping the ground under the ice rink from heaving due to the drastic temperature contrast between the ice floor and the ground.

  • In addition to the HVAC system we also partnered with the ice rink flooring contractor Cimco and installed the under slab piping as well as the piping connection to the 287 ton chiller and associated cooling tower.

  • Piping consisted of 4”-12” carbon steel piping for the connections between the chiller and cooling tower and 1 ¼” poly tubing for the under slab heating and chilled water piping.

  • The bowl area utilizes four smoke exhaust plenums located in the four corners of the arena 60ft above the rink floor that are capable of removing 160,000 CFM of air, these fans are tied in with the DDC control system as well as the fire alarm system to activate upon fire alarm to remove smoke from the facility, these fans will also be used during concerts and events where pyrotechnical equipment is used to remove smoke and odors from the building

  • The DDC HVAC control system was installed by Siemens as a direct sub-contractor of EMC- the DDC controls are used to maintain temperature settings throughout the building as well as an interface between the fire alarm system, building automation system, PA systems, and smoke door operations.

  • This entire project was coordinated using BIM software to eliminate problems in the field between trades.

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