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KUMC Building 30

Kansas City | KS


Environmental Mechanical Contractors was selected by the University of Kansas Medical Center for this redundancy project at one of the School’s key research labs. 


The purpose of the project was to provide a completely redundant heating, cooling and ventilation system for fauna occupying this 5-story building.   


This project is the 1sts phase of a multiphase project.  In this phase EMC installed ductwork that will allow the new rooftop unit (to be installed in the 2nd phase) to be tied into the existing ductwork mains. 


On the university side of the KUMC campus, Building 30 is considered to be one of their most important buildings. Maintaining humidity and temperature set points 24/7 is very critical.  Shutdowns of equipment can be no longer than 2-3 hours at any given time and must be scheduled well in advance.  Due to the type of research being conducted in this facility, access is tightly controlled. 



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