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KU Hixon Wahl Hall

Kansas City | KS


lab ex fans on roof
lab ex fans on roof 05
lab ex fans on roof 04
lab ex fans on roof 03
duct off of AHU in Mech rm
ex duct in lab rm
ex fan set on top of old chimney
exhaust duct
hot wtr pumps
lab ex fans on roof 01
lab ex fans on roof 02
damaged fan
AHU in mech rm
AHU in mech rm 02
AHU in mech rm 01
steam press red station
steam press red station 02
steam press red station 01
mech rm
morgue exhaust 01
morgue exhaust
pipe & duct in mech rm
riser piping in mech rm 01
riser piping in mech rm
lab room
lab rm 01
lab rm 02
lab ex fans on roof

As in most projects involving ductwork, as the mechanical contractor EMC took the lead on this 200,000 square foot project, which was completed in 2011. The project was designed to meet LEED certification; green features of the facility include energy performance optimization, thermal comfort controls and the use of recycled and locally manufactured materials.  The project consisted of an addition with dedicated chiller and boiler plant and the adjacent hospital remained 100% operational throughout the duration of the project.  The 6-story, $55 million medical office building, which houses 18 different clinical departments, is located south of the hospital in Kansas City, Kansas.

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