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N.A.I.C. Relocation and Data Center

Kansas City | MO


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The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is a national industry association with headquarters in Kansas City.  Environmental Mechanical installed, maintains and repairs their computer and data room equipment and critical use HVAC since 2005. In addition to their planned maintenance agreement, we have helped them with special projects to maintain correct temperature and humidity levels in their data center.


In October 2010 Environmental Mechanical was selected by McCown Gordon as the design/assist mechanical contractor, to accomplish all HVAC installation and facility requirements for the Association’s move to their new headquarters at Town Pavilion.  The tenant finish/ improvements consisted of renovations to 6 floors, and the data center, which included air cooled package chillers combined with field piped to Liebert Data from cooling.


Fast paced tenant finish/improvement, 6 floors. EMC’s scope included all  HVAC installation and facility requirements and the data center, where we installed 9 Liebert units and a fuel oil system for the emergency generator. An interesting challenge on this project was that the fuel oil piping was run in an existing 120” vertical shaft. This work was performed from a boatman's chair, a difficult task that EMC has successfully undertaken on other projects with similar constraints.





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