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Grand Boulevard Lofts

Kansas City | MO


The lofts at 1006 Grand are the most recent in a long line of existing buildings renovated by EMC into multifamily use.

1006 Grand qualifies as a high-rise building which challenges our team to meet the unique requirements for this type of structure. EMC's design team is devoted to the safety and comfort of the building's future occupants and has developed proven methods of installation over the past 13 years of work with this type of project.

The occupant's comfort in the living space is met with conventional HVAC split-systms which allow residents independent control over their space, in both heating and cooling seasons. These systems utilize the latest technology in ozone safe, alternative refrigerants and can meet certain Green Building or LEED requirements.  These systems are 100% electric, easily maintained and typically qualify the building owner for KCPL usage incentives. 

At nearly 20 stories tall, 1006 Grand is one of only 2 high-rise buildings in the KC Metropolitan area that have been designed to meet the stringent 2006 International Building and Mechanical Code's criteria for smoke control in stairwells and elevator shafts.  Our design team is on the leading edge of this construction process and has successfully completed other buildings with similar criteria. 

1006 Grand, like other downtown loft building renovations, will offer residents amenities that will be served by the same high quality HVAC systems as used in the residential units.  This project is currently being constructed under an accelerated schedule just off the heart of the bustling downtown Power and Light District.  This busy location has presented all trades involved with unique challenges to meet. EMC has responded by implementing an off-site pre-fabrication process which allows us flexibility in meeting the need of the project as well as keeping shipping and fuel usage low via limited and timely deliveries to site. 

Details of the project: 

  • This is a design/build project to renovate the historic 1006 Grand office building into 125 living units, with 2 additional floors of amenities. 

  • 1006 Grand was originally built in 1909 as a five story building known as The Gates Building.  Over the next 20 years additions were completed to expand the building to its current seventeen story height and it became known as The Homes Savings Association Building. The renovation will maintain the integrity of the historic qualities of this building, while offering modern apartment amenities.

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